Where Assets meet Capital

Digitally issue and transact alternative assets in growth industries.

Bring your business to the digital age

Efficiency through digital workflows

Streamline management of the asset along its life cycle and benefit from lower cost and higher flexibility

Access to more partners

Drastically cut the time to place assets with investors or find investment opportunities through a wide reach to collaborators

Liquidity on demand

Rely on efficient workflows and broad counterparty access to make buying, selling and transfer of assets easy

Believe in boring

With decades of experience in capital markets, we know that getting the tedious fundamentals right is essential to get to exciting opportunities. This is why CrossPool is built to enable institutions who intimately know their business and offers compliant, standardised processes. Its flexible workflows can be easily adapted to ensure conformity with applicable rules.

Flexibility only matters if the foundations is solid and rights are enforceable. The digitisation of assets is a new frontier in managing assets within an evolving regulatory landscape. Our experts look forward to working with you and exchanging best practices.

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Fuel opportunity together

The seed of possibility in our thoughts and dreams needs to be nurtured and shaped to move the world forward. As humans, we bring ideas to fruition by collaborating, combining our ingenuity and resourcefulness with others.

We built CrossPool to amplify the way private investment connects believers and supports dreamers bringing their improbable ideas to life.

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