A new Fabric

The infrastructure connecting institutions dealing in private markets.

Building Capital Bridges

CrossPool Network

The technical foundation of CrossPool enables digital issuance, trading, clearing and settlement of assets. This permissioned network is based on the distributed ledger technologies of R3 Corda and Hyperledger Indy.

Asset owners

Issue, list and service new assets to reach a broader market  in less time, leveraging compliant standard workflows.

Asset investors

Access a global market of investment opportunities with instant investment subscription, reliable data and simplified asset management.

Service providers

Offer expertise in areas such as audit, legal or custody, and win clients to build the future of alternative assets markets.

Digitally enabled core functions along the asset management lifecycle

The creation of representation of rights in an asset via digital tokens.
Issuers use their CrossPool Droplet to digitise tangible and intangible assets and streamline their management along the lifecycle based on compliant workflows.

Making assets available on the platform to be accessed by investors.
Issuers can determine to either place the asset with their private circle of investors or publish to a broad public investor base in CrossPool Markets.

The matching, clearing and settlement of trades in a secure permissioned-chain environment.
Assets, including their ownership title, legal privileges and records, are transferred over-the-counter between private parties that agree a price using a request-for-quote mechanism.

Managing the issued asset along its lifecycle, specific to the asset type.
Digital workflows and integrations enable a high degree of automation for core processes such as recurring coupon and dividend payments, valuation updates, reporting or investor management.

We believe offering a better solution for private markets does not start with digitisation.
It starts with understanding people and their needs. Then building the right solution architecture.


Core functions are provided as a solution open to anyone to foster innovation and network growth


Flexible platform elements and easy customisation to suit different asset types and business needs


Services are exchanged between trusted parties that know each other while protecting their privacy

Keen to get started?


Contact us to register an account on the CrossPool Console, and get verified


Generate your API secret using the Console


Download and deploy your CrossPool Droplet, using your API secret to connect to the CrossPool Network

You are ready to digitise assets and allocate them to your investors

Privacy in your control

Protected digital identity

Globally unique Digital IDs s let you interact anonymously with other parties

Cryptographically secured credentials

W3C-verifiable credential specification ensures all credentials to be machine-verifiable and privacy-respecting

Sensitive information in complete privacy

Zero-knowledge Proof allows all concerned parties to communicate their knowledge of specific values, without disclosing the values’ details

Data authenticity

Permissioned Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) ensures your data is unique, and can only be communicated between specific parties (i.e. your customer, your appointed notary, and you)

Uncompromising security

Access and action control

Your user account is controlled by a cryptographic private key held on a physical device

Protected records

Accessing or updating records on the server requires user authorisation using a private key. All recorded data is immutable and traceable

Securely stored keys

Your keys are stored on a server, but only you can access them. The server acts as a custodian, storing encrypted keys that only you can decrypt


Cryptographic signature prevents one party from denying they received or agreed to a transaction

Ready to dive deeper?

Access the CrossPool Droplet GitHub Repo, or contact us to request access to detailed technical documentation: